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To justify this destructive partnership between profitability and credit card debt ratio of the organization we would say that most of the Pakistani firms test to keep its earning for future necessities as they desire to choose interior financing above external funding.

One more reason for the destructive partnership is that financial debt interprets into higher fastened fees as it should still be compensated even if demand declines, at low stage of demand from customers, the mounted cost are distribute over a smaller foundation, depressing profitability White, Sondhi and Fried (1997). This point could enable reveal why an boost in the financial debt ratio leads to a decrease in profitability-it is doable that the corresponding improve in profits volume did not compensate for the improve in set expenditures. Frydenberg (2001) describes retained earnings as the most crucial source of funding, great profitability so cuts down the want for exterior credit card debt. And firms in the banking and insurance sector have revealed superior profitability in the course of the time period of the study.

This end result is towards the Modigliani and Miller (1958) look at on cash structure and the optimal funds structure principle that postulates that profitability should really be elevated by an raise in the company degree of personal debt. The fundamental assumption for all this to keep genuine is that the companies function in productive market place environment, and this may not always be the case with the KSE listed corporations. The results are also inconsistent with the summary of Fama and French (2002), Sharma (2006), Ward and Cost (2006) all of essay typer whom conclude that there is a good partnership concerning profitability and debt ratio.

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Having said that, the consequence is steady with the prediction of Pecking buy concept by Myers and Majluf (1984) that Corporations ‘first use retained earnings for new investments and then transfer to credit card debt and equity if essential. The consequence supports the results of Rajan and Zingales (1995) who discover a unfavorable partnership concerning profitability and debt ratio. Frank and Goyal (2004) done an empirical research in which he identified proof that firms with large profitability will have significantly less debt.

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A probable rationalization for this consequence can be drawn from De Soaked (2006) who confirmed that significant sum of price can be unlocked in moving nearer to the optimal degree of gearing and Modigliani and Miller (1963) who says that a firm value of equity improves as the business boosts its credit card debt. Even more our final result is also steady with Titman and Wessels (1988). Whereas, the predictions of trade-off idea presented by Jensen and Meckling (1984) are not substantiated. Therefore, with highly considerable unfavorable romance in between profitability and personal debt ratio, we can conclude that substantial lucrative corporations retain small credit card debt ratio and they employ much more of their retained earnings as opposed to debt for creating their capital framework.

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